Rarely seen without her phone, freshman Jamie McPhaul passes time by scrolling through her social media. According to McPhaul she spends hours at a time on her phone, whether it’s looking at her social media, texting or playing games. “Social media tends to take up a lot of my time which really isn’t a good because most of the time it distracts me from my responsibilities,” McPhaul said.

Screen Time

May 1, 2017

Seniors Raven Carter, Marissa Reese, Sarah Diaz, Ariana Islas, Laura Mueller, and Alicia Willoughby spent many hours choosing just the right dress for prom.

All Dressed Up

April 12, 2017


DeMoNaye Rector, Reporter

April 4, 2017

Kendra Scott jewelry is popular at BHS and has been for past years. Like many other trends, Kendra Scott has a popular impact on both students and teachers. It’s great for birthday, Christmas, anniversary presents and also a...

winter fashion

DeMoNaye Rector, Reporter

February 27, 2017

There are a lot of trends here, from hoodies to ponchos to sports team jerseys. As winter rolls around so do these trends. People start wearing fuzzy socks and sweaters and whatever else they want to keep warm. “I like winter...

Junior Melody Deviney dyed her hair brown, yet her natural highlights are still visible.

Hair Trends

May 26, 2016

Fashion: Jackets make statement, keep out cold

DeMoNaye Rector, Reporter

February 11, 2016

Cold weather is starting and people are changing their fashion mind sets. Spaghetti straps are out and stylish jackets are in. Cold temperatures can influence thoughts and decisions without even knowing it, from what colors women...

App of the Month

Becca Maxwell, Reporter

December 15, 2015

App of the Month   “Acapella” created by Mixcord Inc., is an entertaining app that has recently become popular through the use of social media. Acapella provides singers and musicians an easy way to create awesome...

Most popular TV shows

Rhaneahqua Higgins, Reporter

November 16, 2015

The Bear Facts asked 30 students which of this season's TV shows they like best. "Orange is the New Black" beat out "The Walking Dead" by just a few points. Below are the complete results.      ...

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