Player Profile: Chris Simpson


Nastassia Carter

Junior Chris Simpson runs back to play defense on the opponent. Simpson concentrates on winning the game for his team. “Shoot a 3, get a steal, win the game,” he said.

Nastassia Carter and DeMoNaye Rector, Reporters

The team pulls up to the rival school and walks out of the travel bus with anticipation and determination in their eyes. As they enter the gym the opponents smirk and glance. The team warms up with drills. The coach calls the team over and tells them their plays for the first quarter. As the team huddles, they say a prayer, and then get ready for the tip off.

“My dad motivated me to play basketball,” junior Chris Simpson said. “He played college ball so I thought it was cool and decided to give it a try. I started playing in the fifth grade and I plan on continuing playing.”

Like all high school athletes, Simpson gets nervous before games. He focuses by listening to his favorite artists and getting in the zone for the basketball game. Although sometimes he may get distracted, he always has one goal in mind.

“Since my dad played college ball, I figured I’d give it a try and play point guard and shooting guard,” Simpson said. “It doesn’t really matter what school I go to. I just want a scholarship and make my dad proud.”

Now Chris is on the varsity team. He believes it is more of a challenge and faster pace than being on JV. To get better as an athlete, Simpson trains and hopes to get drafted into the NBA.

“When I’m dribbling down the court the only thing that I’m thinking is how to win for my team,” he said.

Simpson’s favorite basketball memory is when he made a buzzer shot and won the game for his team.

“The other team was inbounding the ball,” he said. “Then my teammate stole the ball passed it to me at the 3-point line and I  shot it at the buzzer. I have  a lot to learn about basketball but just because I made it this far doesn’t mean I just stop here. I have to keep pushing myself to get better.”