Experienced senior goes all out in final season


With deep concentration, senior Brandon Batot squats 395 pounds during the intense powerlifing tournament at Yoe High School where he placed 2nd and his team placed 3rd overall.

Jared Smith, Reporter

Pumping iron repeatedly for many hours in the weight room with sweat drenching, senior Brandon Batot prepares for his final season in power lifting, which he has participated in for over four years.  As each day goes by counting down to the end of his senior year, Batot improves on and off the grind whether it is in the classroom or in the weight room.

“This season is going to be a pretty successful this year,” Batot said. “We have a lot of experienced guys and girls on the power lifting team, but we’re losing over 10 seniors this year, so next year the younger people are going to have to fill big shoes and continue the tradition.”

Weighing in at 148, Batot can squat over 400 pounds. He lifts almost every day so he can make his maximum increase in weight. One of the toughest workouts he has experienced was a two hour lower body workout.

“I’ve gotten stronger every year since I have been doing power lifting,” Batot said. “It helps me out on my maxes so I can perform well at the powerlifting meets.”

Maxing out on a high weight is the key for powerlifting. The three main lifts for powerlifting are bench, squat and deadlift. The lifter is then allowed to have three attempts to lift a max per station at the meet.

“I enjoy powerlifting a lot,” Batot said. “Before I lift, I blank out my mind then I get it in the right mood and it helps me get stronger to get a higher max.”

Batot first got interested in powerlifting by head football coach Todd Patmon who persuaded him into doing it during his freshman year.

“Many of my friends and coaches inspired me to do powerlifting,” Batot said. “Coach Patmon told me to do it during my freshman year. And ever since I started doing it, I have enjoyed it and I still love doing it today.”