Junior anticipates new season


Kya Tarver and Brianna Lester discuss strategy as they walk onto the court.

Khyilia Haywood, Reporter

The crowd  yells at the top of their lungs, cheering the players on. They are watching anxiously as the ball is passed between the players to see who is going to score. The players  drip sweat from head to toe. Out of breath,  the players race back and fourth down the court trying to score.

“I’ve played basketball for 11 years but for me I feel like I’ve been playing since I was able to walk,” junior Kya Tarver said.

While waiting for the game to start, Tarver listens to her basketball playlist on maximum.  Her music tends to block out everything around her and pumps her  up and gets her head into the game.

“I got four fouls before half time, but my coach put me back in the fourth quarter, Tarver said.  “We were down by 10. I brought us back up and we won the game by one point.”

Tarver enjoys blocking opponents’  shots and passes after she chases them down the court. She primarily plays three  power forward but she can play every position.  She stays in the game the whole time, giving every last bit of energy to make sure she stays on top of the game.

“When I’m out on the court I put my very all in everything that I do,”  Tarver said. “If I don’t give my all, then what’s the point of stepping out on the court? The answer to that is no purpose. Ball is life to me and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that I strive for the better and each time I step out on the court.”