Lady Bears gear up for new season by remembering the last


Alexis Williams shoots while defenders wait for the rebound at the 2015 McCallum game.

DeMoNaye Rector, Reporter

The school is empty. All that remains are the exhausted players of the girls’ basketball team. Reminiscent whispers turn into loud discussions over last year’s season. They remember the highlights of their unforgettable season last year.

“One time we were down by two points against Crockett and I passed one of my team mates the ball, Lele Carter, and she made a shot, with five seconds left,” junior Kya Tarver said. “The other team cherry picked the ball down the court, I chased the girl down and blocked her shot.”

Kya and her best friend Alexis Williams have been playing basketball for the longest time. They even call themselves the dynamic duo. Them together show crazy teamwork and hard work.

“The dynamic duo, me and Kya, we were down by two points,” senior Alexis Williams said. “Kya got the rebound, and outletted the ball to me. She then ran in her lane all the way down the court. It was two on three, I dribbled the ball in the paint, did a spin move, and passed the ball to Kya. She made the shot and tied us at half time.”

The girls have put in their fair share of work to accomplish what they did last season. Their great teamwork has brought them to many wins and they plan to keep it up throughout this upcoming season.

“During the Cedar Creek game, we were about to go to half time,” junior Ashlynn Watley said. “Alexis crossed up a girl found me at the three point line. There was five seconds left, I shot a three. It was a pretty cool game.”

The coach, Coach Bain, has kept this team going with his strict mindset of winning and most of all his expectation of working as a team to get the win. He has kept this mindset throughout his nine years of being a basketball coach.

“We are more energetic and a little more experienced than last year,” Coach Bain said. “But we know what to expect in our district and how to fight for our District Championship.”