Runner makes comeback after injury

Runner makes comeback after injury

Tori Carnahan, Sports Editor

In just a split second he fell to the ground as shooting pain went through his right ankle. Last year sophomore Nate Tomlin injured his ankle while running in the second meet of the season. After many weeks he began running and has started to get back on his game. He said he plans to bring the heat.

“Being in the top thirty is my main focus right now,” Tomlin said. “I also am training to place under 18 minutes in a 5K. I really push myself to accomplish the most. I enjoy reaching my goals and making new ones.”

Tomlin has grown to be a very competitive person. After three years of running he has created a mentality of doing his best and pushing his team to do their best.

“Our biggest competitor is Cedar Creek,” Tomlin said. “We plan to beat them in every division as well as all of the other schools. We are a very competitive team. We love celebrating after we all place in the top 30.”

Tomlin gets up at 5 a.m. every morning to come to cross country practice. The boys varsity plans to win district again, place for regionals and with these early morning practices they plan to achieve this goal.

“Cross country has taught me a lot,” Tomlin said.  “Especially to push myself to the absolute best I can achieve and it has helped a lot in my school work. I always push myself in everything I do.”