PALs Needs You

Elena Hodge, Editoir in cheif

One of Bastrop’s most influential organizations has begun its yearly process to find new members for the next school year. Bastrop High School’s PALs are ready to recruit those who want to give back to their community.

The organization of PALs, Peer assistance and leadership students, taught by Ian Jaschek, intends to encourage and teach high school students about giving back to their community. Throughout the year, the program hosts many opportunities for the students to earn community service hours, with events like the Trash Bash, the Canned food drive, and the Winter Blast. There are several other events that change every year because PAL’s students have the opportunity to plan and host their own events.

“I love PALs because it is such a great opportunity to not only better myself as a person but also help my community.” Said, senior and second-year PAL Student, Meagan Bushong. 

One of the most important parts of being a PAL is being a friend, not only to their community but also to others in need of help. PALs will eventually get a PALee, most will travel to Bastrop’s elementary schools and mentor a student, helping them with school work and socializing, and how to win at Gaga ball. 

“I think the work we do in our community is important and has a huge impact on the lives of people throughout our community, but it is small when compared to what PALS will accomplish when they graduate.” Said, Jaschek

In order to become a PAL any sophomore or junior can find one of the flyers around campus and scan the barcode in order to fill out the application. Once their applications are complete, Students will have to ask three teachers to refer them. Then PALS will reach out to them to schedule an interview in February. Lastly, they will be interviewed by a panel of current PAL students and Mr. Jaschek.

While PALs offer many opportunities such as community service hours, and the chance to learn important life skills and leadership, it also teaches students the importance of helping others. Jaschek said, “We need leaders who want to make the world a better place.”