Crowns of Glory


Aline Forastieri

The cast of Crowns performing on the stage of the Opera House during one of their dress rehearsals.

Vincent Fahrenthold, Reporter

During February’s Black History Month, the Bastrop Opera House is overjoyed to have a show showcasing strong African-American representation in the theatrical production Crowns by Regina Taylor, directed by Cynthia Smith.

Opening the first show of the year with a resounding note, Crowns is a touching story with lucid recollections of black history. A young black woman travels down South to stay with her Aunt because her brother was killed in Brooklyn. She must acclimate to a world of fashion, centered around decorative hats, specific for all occasions.

Crowns isn’t just the first show of the year for the Opera House, but the first show featuring an all-black cast ever. “As far as being the director of the Opera House’s first all-black gospel musical show, I must say I am humbled and honored,” said director Cynthia Smith. “I have been blessed to have the support of Executive Director, Lisa Holcomb, who has tirelessly worked to have the Opera House be a place where all people are welcomed to be a part of their theatre community.”

January 17, the cast of Crowns performed fragments of songs and dialogue from the script, to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. during the halftime show of a Spurs game in San Antonio. In about six minutes, the cast presented songs, fashion, and most prominently, hats. “From the reactions we are hearing so far, I think people are very excited,” said Holcomb. “They realize this is something very much needed in our community and our theatre.” 

Crowns made its debut on the 4th of February, and also performs on the 11th, 12th, 18th, 19, and 20th of February. Ticket sales and information can be found at