Last Blonde Bond Strike

Daniel Craig’s last movie as the British-loving Spy James Bond.


MGM Studios

James Bond under a spotlight, surround by a dozen goons. It’s not surprising if he could beat them all.

Mauricio Garcia, Reporter

Since the start of Ina Fleming’s 1953 novels, the James Bond series has influenced culture and Hollywood, leading to the release of over 27 movies. The latest, James Bond: No Time to Die, was a box office success and one of the most popular Daniel Craig’s Blonde Bond movies, reaching higher in the box-office than its highly anticipated competitor, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Even though Craig won’t be filming anymore, his impact on the modernization of the Bond characterization and its 60’s style and glamor, rocketed him to elite status with many claiming him to be one of the best, if not the best, Bond’s throughout the years.

“I enjoyed the film, it is very challenging to try and put new spins on a tried and true formula as the 007 franchise and I feel like it was excellent.” says social studies teacher Robert Ardis. “It was a competent modern spin on all of the old Bond themes.”

Although filming finished in October of 2019 and the more complex parts of the film were being processed in early 2020, Covid hit right when No Time to Die was about to release in April. With many  other delayed projects in limbo , theaters shutdown across the country and the world, including Film Alley in Bastrop. Nearly a year later October 2021, the world could finally rate the film they have been waiting for and the participation at the box office was a huge success. 

The movie is not just equipped with gadgets of fun and action, but also of empathy for the British Spying Playboy who, spoiler alert, heard about his secret love child, and died by sacrificing himself to protect both his lover and daughter. The movie is not just packed with ballistic missiles of sequenced fighting and shooting, but with love and cherishment from the last Bond Movie with Daniel Craig.

“Altho I don’t watch Bond,” says junior Brendan Ferris, “it’s a possibility that maybe some memorable actors could play him, like Superman’s actor Henry Cavil.”

Since Craig’s announcement that he will no longer be playing as James Bond, fans have looked in every direction and leak they could find about an actor who will take the role as the next Bond. Many have suggested that Idris Elba would maybe be the First Black Bond. Many say he is a great choice for Bond, since his action and sci-fi movie history show us that he directed and starred in many outstanding movies such as Yardie, Thor: Ragnarok, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Tom Hardy from Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max, Inception, and Venom, and Henry Cavill, from Man of Steel, countless DC movies, and The Witcher are also strong candidates for the role. We will just have to wait and see who will be chosen as the next legendary Bond franchise. With these options, we should say that Daniel Craig has really influenced the role and culture of the British Playboy Spy, and added 5 more movies to the 60 year old franchise. Until the next Bond is announced, we have plenty of past Bond movies to enjoy.