New Creative Writing Club

New Creative Writing Club

Elena Hodge, Managing Editor

Students learn all about writing in school, where they are expected to tell monotonous stories about their past summer or topics that feel dull and repetitive. There aren’t enough words to express how friendship feels towards you. Or are there?

A new creative writing club, where students can learn new writing skills that are not particularly cultivated in the classroom, plans to let students explore stories that are not auto-biographical and that can learn ways to design stories and even expand their vocabulary. “Writing is a skill. With practice, students should become better, stronger writers,” said freshman English teacher Kirsten Laskowski.

Mrs. Laskowski, the creative writing club adviser, hopes to have more knowledgeable guest speakers who can push members’ creativity further than before. The club is hopefully going to be a good place to feel comfortable sharing your creative ideas that never seemed to have a place before. 

There are many activities to look forward to, such as writing games and fun lessons. Stop by Mrs. Laskowksi’s room every Thursday, at 4:15 p.m. to catch a meeting.