OMG You Guys!


Linda Yesenia Carrasco, Reporter

BHS’ fall musical Legally Blonde is fast approaching with a whole gaggle of fans ready to cheer along with the upbeat music and message. Directed by Alexis Hastings, the show will showcase November 11, 12, and 13 at 7 p.m. with an additional 2 p.m. showing on the 13 at the Performing Arts Center.

Most people have seen the infamous movie starring Reese Witherspoon from 2001, and the following broadway musical that debuted in 2007. This time we have a focused cast of high school students determined to bring a legacy of a show to life.

With three participating students from CRCA, and students so new to the theatre program they are not even enrolled in theatre classes yet, the cast is quite diverse. “It’s come down to the last three weeks before opening night, and I’d have to say the show is going quite well,” said junior Violet Arce-Vergara from CRCA. “Scenes and dances are being perfected, and it’s so much fun to watch Legally Blonde come to life.” 

Such a high and energetic show requires a talented and energetic cast to pair. With the cast in awe at the performances displayed at rehearsals, Arce-Vergara says, “My personal favorite duo in the musical is the one and only Elle Woods, played by Ella, and Vivian, played by Meghan.”. “Their chemistry on stage from the beginning of the production to the end is truly something all must come see in person.” 

A long-time lover of theatre, Ella Vinklarek who portrays Elle Woods has expressed her thoughts about having such a prominent role. “Having the opportunity to be in Legally Blonde is very exciting. Elle Woods has definitely been one of my dream roles for as long as I can remember.” Vinklarek has practiced and perfected her role all summer and encourages all to come to view the program. “I’m sad that it’s about to end but I am ready for our competition season to start! I am very excited to perform and show everyone what we’ve been working so hard on!

Purchase your tickets with the QR code displayed or buy them in person, and come cheer on the outstanding cast and crew in this fall’s performance.