Return of Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day returns this November 11th with much more pageantry.


Mrs. Stephenson

The BHS ROTC program honor our veterans at the Silver Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Mauricio Garcia, Reporter

1918. The 11th Month. The 11th day. The 11th hour. The Great War ended and peace was restored in Europe. Armistice Day, or as we call it today, Veteran’s Day. The national day was created by President Woodrow Wilson and the members of their allied governments. Then 7 years after WWII ended, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Raymond Weeks changed the name to Veteran’s Day.

For 104 Years we have celebrated and honored veterans from each generation, and soon, we will celebrate again with the NJROTC leading the parade Downtown to honor our veterans.

“Last year we couldn’t make the celebration because of Covid-19, but I’m sure my first time doing the parade will be great,” said Isaiah Delgado, Petty Officer 3rd Class of the BHS NJROTC.

As a national day, Veteran’s Day is celebrated in businesses, government agencies, and public establishments, by enjoying a day of rest, watching military parades, or spending time with the family. Annually in downtown  Bastrop, the community comes together to celebrate with the “Heroes & Hot Rods” Veteran’s Day Cruise. A couple major streets downtown are shut down to allow for rows of unique hot rods to be on display and spark conversations.

At BHS, the  NJROTC Program always has an impressive turnout in the parade with the Student Platoon marching from the post office to the town hall. Once stopped at attention at town hall, the cadets salute and honor our local veterans from the Vietnam War.

“When the troops from the Vietnam War came back, a huge wave of criticism came from the American public,” said Captain Fletcher, veteran, and teacher of the BHS NJROTC program. “Although the Vietnam failure is similar to the Afghan failure, the focus of the US towards Vietnam was more because of Communist hatred instead of retaliation against the Taliban when they attacked the World Trade Centers, giving off a more suitable reason to fight back.”

Bastrop has an estimated 7,000 veterans, most of whom have fought in Afghanistan. From the Bear Facts Staff, thank you for your service and sacrifice for us and our country. Today we honor you.