Homecoming Hallways


Mia Knetig

The Safari Senior Hallway in the 200 hall.

Vincent Fahrenthold, Reporter

October 9th, Bastrop High School decorated the hallways to celebrate 2021 Homecoming. Arriving back on campus after a four-day weekend, students were greeted by luscious, vibrant hallways tailored to each grade level’s theme. “Students come in, seeing their reactions to the different hallways and the different themes is always so great,” said Senior Avery Croft, Student Body President. The hallway decorations have provided a terrific opportunity for the student body to get involved and show their spirit for Bastrop High School. 

In addition to hallway decorations, students were also given an opportunity to show their school spirit by showing up to school in a costume or outfit representing their themed hallway. “Thursday, the 14th of October, you’re going to dress the theme that your hallway was, and you can either wear your class shirt, or dress up like the Safari Seniors wearing a safari hat, or freshman, maybe you can get a clown nose,” said Croft. 

Homecoming has been something introduced to many before, but for freshmen, it may come off as a little intimidating, regarding knowing how to get involved with decorating. “It’s a little hard to get people involved in the younger grade levels. As you get older, it’s a little bit easier because every senior wants to be involved, and juniors get really competitive,” said Croft. 

The Student Council worked hard to plan and execute the decorating process. Students have been participating in class activities, purchasing class T-shirts, and displaying their school spirit in a variety of ways. Bastrop High owes a big thanks to all who came out to help with the decorating process.