Interact Club: New Name, Same Mission


Ian Jaschek

Members of the Class of 2021 paint bear paws on Bear Drive at a Key Club organized event. To participate, seniors donated $20 to the charity of their choice.

Aaron Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year officially gets underway, organizations across campus start to re-activate. A prominent organization on campus, Key Club, has re-established itself with a new name this year, but its goals are steadfast. The Interact Club, sponsored by PALs teacher, Ian Jaschek, is gearing up for a new year of improving the community around us.

Key Club is an international organization that promotes student leadership by serving others, primarily in the surrounding community. The organization is the youth wing of Kiwanis International. “Unfortunately, there isn’t a Bastrop chapter of Kiwanis Club, so it didn’t really make sense for us to be a subsidiary of a group that doesn’t exist in Bastrop,” said Jaschek. “We do have a local Rotary Club.” The Rotary Club is another international service organization dedicated to improving the community around them. 

“Ultimately, it’s the same mission,” said Jaschek. “I figured that it would better serve us to change the name because then we would get support from our local Rotary.” Bastrop’s chapter of the Rotary Club is made up of individuals who have been in the community for many years. “[Changing the name] gives us access to connected community members,” said Jaschek. “That will allow us to use the connections of the Rotary Club to either promote [our goals] or use resources.”

Interact Club’s overall goal is to promote and implement student-led community service projects. In the process, the organization hopes to instill leadership, planning, and communication skills. “One thing I really hope students learn is the joy that comes from serving their community,” said Jaschek. “Not only do I believe that it is an ethical responsibility for us to give back to the community …, but I believe that it can be a great source of joy.” 

The only way Interact Club can succeed in its goals is if students get involved. “Students should join Interact Club if they’re looking for a club to get community service hours, hang out with their friends, and serve their community,” said senior Ximena Medrano. The Interact Club is ready to make big strides in the community, but first, the club must elect its officers and present themselves to the local Rotary. “New members of Interact Club can expect to be working on community service projects with their peers in a fun and welcoming environment,” said Medrano.

The Interact Club meets every other Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. in room 220 to discuss issues and proposals to improve the city around them. If you have any questions about the club, contact Jaschek at [email protected].