Bo’s Big Return



Bo sitting in his living room watching the first video he made.

Brianna Allison, Reporter

    Children, teenagers, adults, human beings alike struggled throughout Covid-19 quarantine 2020. Even for those rich and famous, the isolating nature of quarantine affected some of the most light hearted people on the planet. Robert “Bo” Burnham, a comedian, from Massachusetts, documented his struggle in the best way he knows how, through a new Netflix special, Inside, released on May 30, 2021.

     At the age of 18, Burnham became the youngest person to record a half-hour comedy special with Comedy Central, but after 9 years, had to step back due to severe panic attacks on stage while performing. Once alienated in quarantine, his demons came out of the dark, “In Bo’s special you can tell that he is going through anxiety and depression,” said senior Nevaeh Arzola.  “He even mentions how he would freak out on stage during his special.” 

In one of the songs, All Eyes On Me, performed by Burnham in the special, he mentions his struggle with his panic attacks, and how once he was ready to perform on stage again, COVID hit, which he referred to as “the funniest thing happened,” and then breaks into chorus. 

Along with the song, All Time Low, Burnham describes the relatable feeling of anxiety and depression many today can relate to. “I relate to Bo Burnham having anxiety, it’s something that happens kind of a lot. There’s times where it’s not so bad or where it’s really bad and you just need to spend some time alone,” said Arzola. 

     While the subject matter is dark, Burnham’s comedic relief and relatability provides comfort to many. “The special did change my view of the pandemic, it showed me that it’s okay to be alone. You can make yourself laugh,” said Arzola. 

During the special, we see different skits that Bo does. Some are funny, and some are depressing. It’s a big roller coaster of emotions. “One of my favorite parts of the special is when he was singing How The World Works because he did a funny sock puppet. Also Unpaid Intern when he did the loop.” said Arzola. With a total of 20 songs in the special, many have found that his fans took inspiration from the special music.

       “Bo Burnham’s Inside was honestly really funny, it was very interesting,” said Arzola.