Marvelous Murals


Senior Zurisadai Garcia created many murals across BHS, including this one located in the 300 hall.

Madison Elsenburg, Reporter

In recent years, Bastrop High has removed decades-old lockers unlocking years of blocked-off walls and prime real estate. Advanced art teacher Tiffany Jimenez saw the potential and came up with the idea to decorate these bare walls with student-created murals. Last year unfortunately due to the unpredictable nature of Covid, many murals went unfinished. One student, in particular, saw the need for completion and took it upon herself to finish what others had started. 

Senior Zurisadai Garcia rose to the occasion to finish a mural in our 300 hall that depicts a peacock in a four-leaf clover. Once finished she realized she loved the process and decided to volunteer to finish another one in the same hallway. The second, a woman in a beautiful blue dress. “Zuri attempts all things with a smile and a glad heart,” Jimenez said. “I think that shows in her work.” 

This year she has a new project in the works. Garcia and Jimenez have been working together to come up with the concept for a new mural, this one to be located in the Vivian Kreitner science building. Garcia plans on basing the suit off of Elon Musk’s space x suits, then have many circles of color surrounding and fading into the wall. 

“I am excited to see what the future holds for Zuri as she will be an asset to any creative team she ends up working with,” said Jimenez.