Color guard Flies Flags of Diversity


The Color guard performs a portion of the halftime show in the gym during the first pep rally of the school year.

Elena Hodge, Reporter

The motley of vibrant flowing flags that the color guard tosses are almost a representation of the team itself. Over the past year, the BHS female-dominated sport has broken the mold, including more people of different identities joining the team. 

“I feel like the more diverse color guard becomes, it shows how much we accept and appreciate everyone on the team,” said junior Jayden Ortiz. The guard performs at every game, pep rally, and band competition showing their school spirit with each step of choreography memorized and colors guarded. 

The team, growing and expanding every year, is openly accepting of people, no matter the race, orientation, or flag tossing skills. The accepting nature provides the rise in closeness and the team spirit has led the team to nationals last year in spite of a pandemic. 

At nationals, the team ran against some of the best teams in the country and placed at number nine as a quick fan favorite. “It feels great to know that all of our hard work has paid off,” said junior and Guard Captain, Meagan Bushong. “We practiced nearly every day for multiple hours, being recognized nationally means a lot.” The team worked their flagstaffs off to win and thanks to love between them all they were able to be the best the school has ever had.

Colorguard is growing to be one the most successful and diverse organizations in BHS and they are ready to welcome any and all to their family. “Color guard is able to help varieties of people with different talents and life experiences improve and grow as a family,” said Ortiz. 

 Accompanying the BHS band, the guard will be performing at the BOA’s, where marching bands and their color guard compete for a national championship. Be sure to watch this growing talent take flight this year.