Nunset Boulevard Spreads Joy throughout Community


Logo of the Bastrop Opera House’s production of Nunset Boulevard featuring all five Sisters of Hoboken

Vincent Fahrenthold, Reporter

The Bastrop Opera House has rehearsed Nunset Boulevard all throughout August and September, and opened September 10th. Welcoming to people from almost all audiences, the show includes jokes, games, prizes, and best of all, an entertaining plot. “I think the most exciting part is to have an audience,” said Aline Forastieri, who plays Sister Robert Anne.

Ever since opening night, the cast has been able to work on responding to the audience, and clearing up things that pose as issues during the show. “I think a comedy only truly comes to life with audience feedback, and to start hearing the reactions is wonderful,” said Forastieri.

Working hard during rehearsals, the cast has found performing during a pandemic to be difficult, and sometimes exhausting. “For me, there were a few challenging things during the rehearsal process. With such a small cast, it’s really hard to rehearse when people are missing,” said Forastieri. “We all had rehearsal conflicts at different times.” Each person plays an important role, so when a cast member misses a rehearsal, it’s challenging to continue developing their performance. “Because of COVID, we weren’t able to start our music rehearsals early, and we ended up not having as many music rehearsals as I normally would like to have,” said Forastieri. Eventually, everybody was able to pull everything together, and put on a visually and audibly stunning show for the people in Bastrop County.

The cast has enjoyed interacting with the audience and only wants to continue surprising the crowds with hilarious and touching prose. “I also get real excited about seeing how the show comes together,” said Terry Butterfield Moore, who plays Sister Mary Hubert. “To see how it clicks together.”

The show has really been able to put its pieces together and brightened up this town just a little more. To see the show in person on September 25th and 26th, tickets can be purchased at If unable to attend in person, anyone can buy streaming tickets to watch the show.