Ceramics Plans to Place Tiles Around Campus


Linda Yesenia Carrasco, Reporter

    Noise and creativity emanate from a busy portable classroom filled with focused students. Bent over square tiles, students glaze the tiles with an arrangement of several colors, patterns, and designs of their choice. 

        Ceramics teacher Heather Brown has assigned her students the task of glazing tiles in order to put them on display around the school as a unique, creative, decoration. She has given them the freedom of painting whatever they wish onto them as well. “The ceramics class wanted to hang the tiles up where people in the school could see,” said Brown. “I asked Gabriel if she could find a space for it in the school.”

        Brown has made it clear how impressed she is with her students taking on this task. “The ceramics students were very talented and put their own artist spin to the assignment making each beautiful,” she said. “I felt that it was a great accumulation of everyone’s work. I enjoy seeing individual ideas come together and make a solid cohesive piece.”

         As an example of different artist spins displayed on these tiles, ceramics student Kiara Ruiz explained the design she created. “At first I was just putting a glaze on the tile and there were different shades and everything,” said Ruiz. “But at the end, I did a tree and I outlined it with the background colors.”

          Brown and her students are looking forward to seeing the tiles placed around campus in the future. Keep an eye out for them. The bright array of colors will surely catch your attention.