Bastrop’s own Hollywood

The Film Industry arrives at Bastrop


Planning and Zoning Commission

An overview mock-up of the soon-to-be movie studio located off of Lovers Lane

Mauricio Garcia, Reporter

Bastrop has been a small town since its establishment in 1827 by Stephen F. Austin. Years have passed, and since then the town has grown into a small city. More growth is set to come with Bastrop Studio 552, which was recently announced by the Bastrop City Council. 

“I think that the cinema studio that will be built in Bastrop for the upcoming years will bring a great economic development for the city of Bastrop and its surrounding areas,” said Hector Alvarado, a BHS student guardian. “The jobs that such projects will generate, starting with the project building, will improve the economy in the city bringing more revenue to it’s small businesses.”

Alvarado says he found out about the project in an article of the Austin American-Statesman. The article posted on their website stated, “Bastrop City Council approves development for 546-acre film studio proposal”, a mind blowing event that gave mixed reactions within the populous of Bastrop County. The exact location of the project can be found behind Walmart on Loves Lane right next to the local Lost Pines Cleaners.

Bastrop Studio 552 is a branch off of Alton Butler II’s Line 204 Studios in Los Angeles. The plot will be 546-acres large and will consist of recreation and accommodations for the coming employees and actors. The actual work will be next to the entrance of the plot and at least 27 sets will be built. These additions are thought by many to be good for Bastrop’s businesses, economy, and the entertainment industry, but there is some trepidation from Bastrop residents. “I am glad that Texas is putting itself forward into the film industry,” says Sofia Garcia, a stage actress for the school theater company. “However, this would affect the quiet life of Bastrop and it’s citizens, so if we brought the movie studio to Bastrop, will the calmness of the town be disturbed?”

As the studio’s plan was approved, many Bastrop citizens worried the project would raise taxes on the neighborhood immediately next to the plot. Also, ecologists are concerned about the environmental problem it might create. 

Like with most changes, questions arise from those impacted; however many can appreciate the pride associated with something so unique. Out of all these attributes, many are being debated in family dinners and office breaks, it still doesn’t change the fact that Hollywood is coming to Bastrop.