Top of the Class: No. 5 Addie Taylor


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Number five of the Class of 2021, Addie Taylor.

Sheridan Stephenson, Advisor

Rounding out the top five of the class of 2021, senior Addie Taylor has always had an academic goal of top 10 set in her mind as motivation. Her intention to stay on top of all assignments, study hard for each assessment, and to put school first has offered first-class opportunities to study at Concordia University in Austin, Texas. In addition to her drive and determination for school, Taylor has applied her talents and technique in soccer well enough for a written commitment to the Concordia’s Women’s Soccer Team.

Talyor’s success in soccer has been encouraged by her soccer coach and mentor, Leslie Rangel. “Coach Rangel was my most influential teacher because she always made me want to work harder,” said Taylor. “She always held me to high standards and expected the most from me.” With high expectations, talent and mutual respect comes a bond many students like Taylor cherish for life. “I truly believe she is the reason for my success and I will miss her so much when I go to college.”

With a heart full of passion and desire, Taylor’s future looks bright, on the field, in school, and in life.  “Don’t take anything for granted and enjoy high school because it goes by faster than you think,” said Taylor.