Top of the Class: No. 7 Layne Ellsworth


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Number seven in the Class of 2021, Layne Ellsworth.

Elena Hodge, Reporter

Placed at number seven in her class, Layne Ellsworth will graduate in 2021 with an impressive GPA. She credits her accomplishments to her hard work and dedication but knows she did not get there alone. The support from her family and friends, but also tremendous help from her favorite teachers is what inspired her most along the way.

The most influential teacher from her last four years at Bastrop High School was Trent Jimenez. He taught her how to be a great student and his class was the first one she managed to succeed academically in. There, she learned how to push through tough times and never give up.  “Mr. Jimenez is a really cool dude,” said Ellsworth. “Aside from how serious he is when he teaches, he has some really great stories to tell. My favorite was hearing about him surfing and his dogs.” 

“Thank you Mr. Jimenez for pushing me to be a better student. Your class made me work harder than any other class I’ve taken, and it makes me proud to say I was always pretty successful in it too,” said Ellsworth. “Every student respects you as a teacher and how much you’ve impacted every one of your students. So thank you for being an amazing teacher!”