Top of the Class: No. 9 Mayra Robles


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Number nine in the Class of 2021, Mayra Robles.

Joshua Udave, Reporter

Ending the school year placing ninth in the top ten of the class of 2021, senior Mayra Robles worked hard and was determined to place among the top of her class. “I would stay up until 2 in the morning sometimes, and wake up at 4, just to get all my work done and study for my classes,” said Robles. She has earned many scholarships and plans on attending Otero Junior College in Colorado to continue studying and playing softball. After two years of studying there, Robles hopes she can transfer to a school closer to home here in Texas to continue her education. Her biggest motivation throughout high school has always been softball. Her parents would always tell her that in order to be successful in softball, she had to be successful in school as well. As graduation approaches, Robles is excited for the next steps in life. “It’s going to be a long journey, but I have a good support system to help me through it,” said Robles.

Robles’ success in education and sports has been encouraged by all her teachers but most importantly coach John Bronkhorst. “I would say my most influential teacher has been Coach Bronkhorst. He was one of my softball coaches and he definitely had a big impact on my softball life and just life overall,” said Robles. Bronkhorst would always encourage her to keep it together because she was almost there. “Thank you, Coach, for making such a big impact on not only my softball life, or school life, but for being so influential in all aspects of life. You have taught me so many lessons that I can carry with me forever, and that is something I am extremely grateful for,” said Robles.

Robles’ future looks bright and promising in education, sports, and life. “Never give up. It is going to get hard sometimes, but you always have to think of the end goal that you have in mind,” said Robles