Faculty Highlights Katey Griffith

Joshua Udave, Reporter


Coach Katey Griffith, a third year BHS Chemistry teacher and Volleyball and Soccer coach got her degree, Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, from University of Texas at Austin.

Coach Griffith’s favorite part and most challenging part of teaching is connecting with the students and keeping them focused. “Making connections with students and being able to be a big part of their lives is the best part of my job,” said Griffith. “The biggest challenge of teaching online students is making sure they are all engaged.”

Although she loves teaching, it was not always part of her plan to become a teacher. She wanted to run her own restaurant for unprivileged children but, teaching fell right into her lap and she fell in love with it.  A friend of hers was teaching at a school that needed a permanent sub and she took the job because it was a much better schedule and she was able to work with kids, which was something she had always wanted to do.

“Teaching is the one of the hardest, but also the best jobs ever. Love and accept kids for who they are where they are. It could mean more to them than you could ever know!”