Faculty Highlights Paige McGee

Joshua Udave, Reporter

Ms. Paige McGee, a second year BHS Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Pre-AP teacher got her degree, Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and minor in Business Administration from Texas State University in San Marcos. 

For Ms. McGee her favorite part of teaching is, “THE STUDENTS! Establishing connections with so many different types of young human beings is the best, most interesting, yet challenging part of my job,” said McGee. She finds her biggest challenge of teaching online this year is not truly knowing where your students stand with understanding the material presented, because you are not able to witness how they learn and process information firsthand. 

Teaching hasn’t always been in the front of Ms. McGee’s mind.  “Before I started teaching, I thought becoming a teacher would be “settling” for me. I got my degree in math because I loved it and graduated college with no clue where I wanted to be, or what I wanted to do,” said McGee. No matter how she found Bastrop, we are lucky to have her as she is knowledgeable and supportive and students are able to grow under her teaching and guidance. 

“Every day I am challenged. Every day there is something new. Now as a retired firefighter, my dad always told me, “If you love what you do, you never go to work a day in your life.”; I can truly say I finally understand what he meant after becoming a teacher,” said McGee.