Celebrating one year of Disney Plus


Elena Hodge, Reporter

Over the past year, many phenoms have occurred often making the average person want to sit down, relax and escape into a new world. One reprieve granted in 2020, Disney plus. The platform hosts almost any Disney owned movie or t.v show throughout Disney’s inception. For $6.99 a month, users can escape with their favorite Disney classics or modern-day creations.

Disney Plus has received good reviews over the additional content of the acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton. This exclusive deal gave an at-home experience of the routinely sold-out show on top of it Disney’s already extensive library. Its expansive catalog is filled with almost every Disney film one could think of from the vintage classics from Walt Disney’s age to Disney’s golden age of the ’90s. “The little mermaid always transports me to a new world,” said sophomore Payton Norie. There is no denying that Disney Plus provides an index of many of their amazing films that cannot be found anywhere else, but unfortunately, the streaming service hasn’t been immune to the theme of 2020 since its launch.

Sept. 2020, Disney Plus was faced with consumer backlash at the live-action remake Mulan movie, saying the movie didn’t live up to the extra cost. In order to offset the absent theatre release, Disney charged an additional thirty dollar one-time fee on top of the monthly membership rate to see the film. “…It was outrageous to charge people for a movie as if they were going to see it in a theater, not their own homes,” said Norie. The movie was eventually released to subscribers without the additional cost Dec. 2020.

Overall, Disney Plus offers a unique service that differs from other streaming services in the industry by offering a glimpse of childhoods past and present. Without it, quarantine would have been a little more boring and with it, one can enjoy their favorites that aren’t available anywhere else for such a deal. If your a fan of the platform or not, it can’t be denied Disney Plus has provided joy over its first and very hard year and is only going to improve with time.