Onsite vs. Online: Students evaluate situation


Kailee Sullivan, Reporter

As School Returns, Students Make Decisions on How to Continue Education for the 2020-2021 school year. With the Covid-19 global pandemic maintaining its hold on the human race, many schools, including BHS, have decided to give the students an option to learn from home or learn on campus. There are benefits to both online and in school learning, as well as a downfall. “I think the pros are that I can work from anywhere and not worry about missing school without risking infection.” said sophomore Courtney Adams.
Some benefits to online learning are: Flexibility (students choose when they want to work, as long as their assignments are turned in on time), Students have their own learning space, Gain skills such as self- discipline, self- motivation and communication.
Sophomore Crystal Creek said “I think a pro of my decision is that I will be able to see people such as my friends and I will be able to learn better in person”
Other benefits include school learning: socializing, in person class, being able to ask questions in live time, not having to worry about internet connection, and stable school environment.
“I chose to go to school because my house wasn’t a good working environment,” said sophomore shaylee diaz. “The biggest factor that contributed to that is it’s hard for me to get motivated at home. The pros are I can see my friends, and ask teachers questions in real-time and the cons are I don’t have extra time to work on assignments. To prepare I got all my supplies together, and made sure I wrote down a schedule.” Here are some cons to online school: not being in live time class, having to worry about internet connection, the need for self-discipline, and harder to get resources.
Courtney Adams voiced her opinion on the cons of doing online schooling. “The cons definitely would be that it’s harder to stay on task and not seeing anyone consistently.”.
Now to the disadvantages to In-person schooling: students may find a mask distracting or uncomfortable,You are at risk of getting COVID-19 or any sickness, you don’t get as much freedom as online, and you have to be in class sitting at a desk vs. wherever you want with online.
Creek shared why she wanted to go back to school. “I chose to stay in school. I think the biggest factor for me choosing this learning environment is because I really wanted to be able to participate in my volleyball class first period and also I really miss my friends and just seeing people every day” Overall, both online school and in-person school is still school.