Girl’s Soccer dominating the season


Freshman Aubrie Hanna, juniors Caroline Gordon and Layne Ellsworth, and senior Brandyn Trainor get ready to walk onto the field for the National Anthem.

Makayla Bryant, Publishing Editor

Staring off the season 2-1, the Bastrop High School girl’s soccer team has been diligent and determined in their goals to prepare for district. Competing in multiple tournaments, being intentional in their goals, and pushing themselves in practice, the team has worked harder than ever before to make sure this season is the best one to date.

“I play as a center or holding midfielder where I’m able to transition the ball toward our offense in order for us to score,” senior Brandyn Trainor. “As a midfielder, I can see the field a little better, allowing me to communicate well with my teammates around me.”

Communication is key in a sport as vigorous as soccer. In a game that constantly changes with every movement, being able to correspond and be in sync with one another can be the difference between turning a possession into a goal scored or a goal conceded. This season the BHS girl’s soccer team has shown their effective communication with each other in making optimal decisions on and off the ball. 

“Out of all four years being on Varsity, this season is by far my favorite,” senior Shelly Perry. “We are all just so close and I feel like because of that, we have been able to play so much better than last year.” 

Looking towards playoffs, it all comes down to a game and point differentials. As of right now, BHS girl’s soccer team’s biggest competition is Hutto and Georgetown, both of whom they have already played. Going forward into playoffs depends on when they face these teams a second time around. 

“We definitely put a lot of work into what we do,” sophomore Angelina Torres. “And that’s what makes us a great team.” 

Senior Brandyn Trainor cuts the ball back in order to get an open space so she can pass the ball to work it up the field to teammate Layne Ellsworth.