Into The Woods


Junior Diego Pena and Lena Patterson rehearse their scene from Into The Woods on January 8 at the Jerry Fay Wilhelm Center for the Performing Arts.

Makayla Bryant, Publishing Editor

January 16-18, Bastrop High School’s BearStage Theatre Company showcased their talents in this years musical, Into the Woods. Into the Woods is a modern twist musical on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales that tie the classic tales of Cinderella (Dylan Engel), Little Red Riding Hood (Ella Vinklarek), Jack and the Beanstalk (Aaron Sullivan), and Rapunzel (Annika Gazdik) through a primary storyline of a baker (Diego Peña) and his wife (Delaine Dykes). Preparing for five months, the cast’s hard work clearly paid off with each actor dedicating their time to truly understand each’s character. 

“The best thing about playing Little Red to me is how she is very persistent and confident, but she can still be very childish at times,” said freshman Ella Vinklarek. “I love it because you can see her two personalities.” 

Learning lines is simple. It’s understanding and relating to one’s character that brings the story to life. 

“The most challenging part of my character has been the transformation from one version to the other,” said junior Lena Patterson, who played the Witch. “What I have learned, though, is that versatility is always key. I needed to be willing to go wherever the character decided, not where I thought was right.” 

This has been a challenging year for the BearStage Theatre Company overcoming many setbacks when preparing for opening night. Through it all, everyone involved was able to come together and pull off an amazing show.