Remembering Juice WRLD


Juice WRLD poses during a photoshoot for CLASH Magazine. He has also posed for Billboard, XXL, and the covers of other notable magazines.

Brandon Strambler, Reporter & Copy Editor

On December 8, rapper and singer Jarad Higgins, professionally known as Juice WRLD, tragically passed away after suffering a drug-induced seizure. He died at the age of 21, just six days after his birthday. The news came as a shock to all, as Juice WRLD’s career had seemingly just taken off. Within his relatively short career, Juice WRLD still managed to create a lifetime’s worth of music and touched the lives of millions with his art.

Juice WRLD began his rise to fame with the release of his two biggest singles, “All Girls Are The Same” and “Lucid Dreams”. The most popular of the two, “Lucid Dreams”, went on to go six times platinum and has garnered over 161 million plays on SoundCloud alone. After their release, and the release of his first studio album Goodbye and Good Riddance, he continued to earn nominations and awards for his work. In May of 2019, Billboard named Juice WRLD as the year’s Top New Artist. Immediately after its debut, his second studio album Death Race For Love reached number one on the Billboard charts.

The young artist, with his inventive flows and easy ability to freestyle, had a natural talent for rapping. It is said that one of the only songs he ever wrote was “Lucid Dreams”, while he freestyled the rest (which is believed to be around the thousands). He managed to outshine many of his contemporaries in this respect. During his interview with Tim Westwood, Juice managed to freestyle for over an hour over a variety of instrumentals. 

By the end of his career, Juice WRLD left his mark on the music world, forever to be heard by listeners everywhere. 

He will be missed.