Bastrop Cheer Preparing for First Competition


Senior Mary Smalley, and sophomores Madeline Coats and Madeleine Aston hype up the crowd at the Bastrop Gold Out game on October 4 at Memorial stadium.

Makayla Bryant, Publishing Editor

The Bastrop high school cheerleaders make sure the entire crowd is engaged and hyped up for the game. They run through countless routines to make sure the audience cheers on the athletes, and to keep our student section excited and pumped throughout the game. Whether it’s football or basketball, the cheerleaders are at almost every game, not only to give encouragement to the athletes, but also to show a tremendous amount of school spirit. 

“Being captain this year honestly has been kind of difficult, however it has been fun and I’ve enjoyed being able to lead our team alongside one of my closest friends, Alexi Dunn,” said senior co-captain Brandyn Trainor. “With her help being captain hasn’t been too hard, we’ve had lots of great ideas, and overall I feel like we have done our part to help the squad be the best that we can be.” 

For the first time in school history, the BHS cheerleaders went to a UCA competition on November 17, where they beat out seven other teams to advance to nationals in Orlando, Florida. They put in an astounding amount of effort and their hard work clearly paid off. The transition from prepping for football season to preparing for competition involved quite a bit more practices, hiring a BHS Alumna who had cheered in college and judged similar competitions, and learning new routines. At competition, the cheerleaders performed a band dance, an offense/defense scenario chant, a cheer, and, of course, our school’s fight song. 

“We did really good and we were really loud and sharp,” Said senior Mary Smalley. “I’m really proud for this being our first time competing.”

In order to go to nationals in the spring, the BHS cheerleaders need to fundraise, and need the support of the community to get them there. While the fundraising itself is still in the discussion phase, the girls are excited at the possibilities of the future for BHS at the national competition.

“It is very rewarding as a coach to see my girls work together as a team, grow, and reach their goals,” Said cheer coach Alysha Currie. “I love their energy, enthusiasm, school spirit, and relationships that we all build together.”