Rivalry Game: The Creek Drowns the Bears

Dalten Wheeler, Sports Reporter

The Bastrop Bears took on Cedar Creek’s Eagles at Memorial Stadium for their rivalry game on October 4, with the Eagles breaking the Bears winning streak with a final score of 7-17. While it was a devastating loss for the Bears, it was also a humbling and relationship building experience. “It was a hard game against Cedar Creek, they played both sides of the ball better than us and now I have more respect for them as a team,” said OLB Xavier Williams. 

At the start of the game Cedar Creek scored right off the bat. The Bears recovered from the impact and QB Desmond Young made an encouraging pass to WR Jackson Jenkins with a gain of 10 yards. With the ball in the Bears’ paws, QB Desmond Young threaded the needle with a throw through defenders hands to QB Payten Parsons for a 17 yard touchdown. Even though the ball went back to Cedar Creek,  the Bears defended well and regained possession. At 7-7 and QB Desmond Young progressed the ball for 10 yards, but it was in vain as the Bears punted the ball away. In their next possession the Bears were in a bad situation being 2nd and 18, and that’s when RB Eddie Brown took the ball and ran for 22 yards giving the Bears another 1st down. Again in another 1st and 20 predicament, QB Desmond Young assisted with another 10 yard run.

RB Tyrin Smith then made a 14 yard run before getting tackled at the Bears own 48 yard line. Adding on to the plays moving the chains closer to the goal line, QB Desmond Young made a 10 yard pass to WR Nathan Blair as he made a diving catch. With the Bears still without another score, OLB Xavier Williams was given the chance to not only make a tackle, but recover a fumble putting the ball back in the Bears possession. This play led up to QB Desmond Young to make a 29 yard pass to QB Payten Parsons. Sadly, the Bears were defeated by Cedar Creek with the final score being 7-17. With the Players of the game being QB Desmond Young, QB/WR Payten Parsons, RB/OLB Tyrin Smith, OLB Xavier Williams, and DT Cayden Scott. “Our team isn’t a team. Our team is our family, a brotherhood, it’s a bond that can’t be broken.”said Coach Ross.