Creative Restoration


The 2018-19 school year Earth Day art mural hangs in the foyer for all students, staff, and visitors to admire.

Charlie Seel, Copy Editor

A new facade will soon be in the works at Bastrop High. The AP Studio Art and Art IV students are in the planning stages to create multiple colorful murals in the 200 hallway where the lockers previously. Our school’s talented artists are very excited for their final products to be displayed for all to see. “I can’t wait till the students get back from Thanksgiving break to see their school transformed,” said senior Caroline Nations. 

The advanced art students have begun brainstorming ideas and creating their designs based on teacher interpretations of bright and inspiring. “The process to creating the designs for the murals is picking an art space, interviewing the coinciding teachers for their input to help us get a better mental picture of what we want to put into the wall. Sketch drawings of their answers, and then begin your first proposal,” explains Nations. The art students made sure to incorporate what teachers felt would fit best. “We made a list of questions to interview the teacher directly across the wall we chose. The questions consisted of things that inspired them, things they enjoyed, and anything that could help us develop ideas for a mural,” said junior Charity McIntosh.

 The key goal for the art students is to liven up the school. With the lack of interesting colors and eye-catching designs, our school’s walls seem plain to the students. McIntosh says, “Since there are no lockers in the 200 hallway, the hallway looks very dull. The tan walls and the lack of decoration make the whole hallway seem boring. Mrs. Jiminez’s idea was to make the hallway more colorful by doing multiple murals around the walls to lighten up the space,” 

I believe that this will make the students feel happier in a place that is surrounded with art,” explains McIntosh. Everyone involved is excited to bring a new feeling to the school. More creative expression is expected to improve the environment and attitudes toward the school. “Basic color theory shows that different colors affect the mood of those who experience it, so having multiple colors and beautiful artworks around will make the students and teachers feel happier,” said McIntosh

With these new art murals being created we can hope to see a brighter and more inspiring Bastrop High School very soon. Between murals around town, the Lost Pines Art Center, the Lost Pines Art Bazaar, Bastrop is known for its creativity. “Our community is a fairly artistic one, and that’s one of the reasons I love Bastrop,” said Nations.