New Admin Bringing Changes To Routine Issues


The new admin team gathers at a retreat to discuss future changes for the betterment of Bastrop High School.

Aidan Angelo, Reporter

With school back in full swing, buzz about new changes on campus is rampant. An all-new administration has taken charge and they are running Bastrop High in ways many students have not yet seen. 

The admin team has implemented changes to the table and many students are anxious about the adjustments, among these include the new tardy sweeps. The new approach, of course, introduces tardy sweeps by administration and stricter punishments given after just one tardy.  Some students say it’s a bit harsh, however, junior Christopher Ramos takes in a more positive perspective. “I think it’s a good fit because we’re here at school to learn and being late takes away that instructional time.” 

Not all students look at it this way and feel as if the new punishments are too strict. Assistant Principal David Macintyre offered more insight explaining in great depth. “There are some kids that don’t care and it really affects them most. Kids who are only occasionally tardy aren’t gonna stack enough tardies to be punished,” said Macintyre. “A lot of kids only get the one.” 

As students rush to class, it’s hard to miss the increased admin and police presence through the halls, around the outside of bathrooms, and just about everywhere else. “We want to stop problems before they start and if students know we’re here it’s more likely to prevent them,” said Principal John Gosselink. Last year there were big problems with vapes of all kinds, from juuls to THC concentrate pens, all were a substantial concern. The future is promising. Gosselink added, “We haven’t expelled anybody this year, which seems to be a good sign.”

With many students hitting the ground running on their classes, the prospect of stricter enforcement of a lot of rules can be easy to misinterpret. However, when viewed through a mindset of safety, it’s easier to understand the adjustments. “Every decision we make is based on our students safety and making Bastrop an A-rated high school,” said Gosselink. As the BHS motto always says, “Our vision is to prepare you as leaders today, tomorrow, for life,” and upon further investigation of the new policies it looks like they are trying to do just that.