Print’s not Dead. It’s Changing


Sheridan Stephenson

Senior Makayla Bryant, sophomore Aaron Sullivan, and juniors Brennan Keeney and Brandon Plumley produce video announcements every week for the BearNation News broadcast.

Aaron Sullivan and Makayla Bryant

In order to stay relevant with their main audience, students, the BearFacts has made quite the changes in the last two years, going from print to online.

The 2018-2019 school year, the BearFacts staff began recording daily announcements and posting them on the social media outlet, Instagram. However, the staff and school administration felt that the announcements were not broadcasted to many students. Principal John Gosselink recommend to the BearFacts staff that they partner with the A/V Practicum class to make a weekly Friday show to broadcast the great things happening at Bastrop High. Everything from script writing, reading the announcements, are handled by the BearFacts staff, while A/V Practicum students, produce, direct, edit and video. BearNation News, or BNN for short, are shown every Friday in third period. If you miss BearNation News one week, you can catch up at the BearNation News channel on Youtube. Be sure to check it out.

Sheridan Stephenson
The BearFacts Instagram (@BHSBearFacts) is now posting photos related to new articles, and videos of events happening around campus. Go follow us to keep up with what’s happening!

As for the BearFacts Instagram, pictures from articles and relevant videos will be continually posted to inform followers of current events in and around our campus and the community. Be sure to follow the BearFacts Staff at @BHSBearFacts to get regular links to our new articles and see what’s happening at BHS.








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