Senior Mascot Trains her Cub


JV Mascot, Billie the Bear, mimics the poses of Varsity and Senior Mascot, Bobby the Bear, at Meet the Bears town pep rally on August 16 at Erhard Field.

Makayla Bryant, Publishing Editor

Bastrop High School’s four year resident mascot, Paige Barrington, is an expert at getting any crowd hyped and engaged in the game. Paige, Bobby the Bear, attends almost all Varsity games, while her little sister and high school mascot, Kaitlyn Barrington, attends the JV games as Billie the Bear. Both of the Bears have been the Mascot since middle school and plan to stick it out through the rest of their high school careers. 

“It’s pretty cool that my little sister is following in my footsteps,” said Paige. “We’re the only ones that have really stuck with it as long as we have.”

JV mascot, Kaitlyn, while new on the high school scene, has been picking up tricks and skills from her older sister, senior mascot, Paige. Both bears enjoy creating with skits and comical routines to entertain the audience at games and Kaitlyn is confident in her abilities to take on all aspects as mascot once her sister graduates this upcoming year. 

“I like seeing the little kids faces when they see me because they get super excited, and some of them get kind of scared. It’s fun to get them to where they actually like me because they start to build up to where they come up to me,” said Paige. “There’s so many different memories. It’s hard to say which one is my favorite.”

Bobby the Bear will definitely be missed once she graduates, although with Billie the Bear being trained by her sister, and preparing to fully take on the role of mascot, the sporting events and annual pep rallies will have their usual zeal, maybe a bit more. The school has had some great memories with Bobby, but our future is in good hands with Billie.

“It’s really fun just to be there at the games, and interact with all of the kids,” said Kaitlyn. “I might be doing some things differently than my sister in the future though. We’ll just have to wait and see.”