What makes the perfect student?

Kareesa Cavazos, Reporter

Many teachers have their own opinions about the ‘perfect’ student. Of course, respect in a student is always wanted, but what other qualities should students have to qualify as the perfect student?

Turning work in on time is a great quality for a student to have. Not only does turning work in on time assist teachers, but also keeps students’ grades where they need to be. Turning work in late wastes a teacher’s time, when they could have the work graded already.

“When students’ turn their work in on time it makes it easier for me to grade and put grades in,” Wayne Hargrove said.

Students that have the patience and will to learn, make teachers’ days a million times better. Not only does this show the teacher that students want to learn, but it provides the classroom with positive energy.

“The students wanting to learn out of curiosity,” Elizabeth Bronkhorst said. “But while they are curious they are respectful with the questions they have.”

Not every student is going to be picture perfect; no teacher is going to be picture perfect. However, taking accountability for their actions and always showing respect is a great way to come off as “perfect”.

“A perfect student is one who isn’t afraid to admit they are in the wrong, nor do they argue when something doesn’t go their way,” said Wayne Hargrove.