PAL’s Help out the Lockhart Animal Shelter


One of the local dogs at the Lockhart Animal Shelter is happily greeting the PALS who came to help.

Makayla Bryant, Entertainment Editor

Throughout the months of February and March, the Bastrop High School PALS organization has been volunteering at the Lockhart animal shelter by helping take care of its many dogs, cats and other animals housed at the facility. The shelter is always looking for volunteers and is extremely grateful for donation items such as blankets, food, toys and cleaning supplies.

“PALS chose the animal shelter because we felt it was a good way to have a good impact on something very local and on something working on behalf of such a good cause,” said senior Sierra Tyson, who helped organize the project.

The group of PALS who volunteered at the Lockhart animal shelter primarily assisted with dogs, because these dogs need extra attention to adjust to their new environment. The PALS focus on one-on-one time with the dogs, by taking them on walks, petting them and playing fetch.

“I think we all definitely got emotionally attached to the dogs,” said junior Kamille Baker. “Especially when they’re new and they’re still scared. It feels so good when you get them to come out of their bubbles and get them to warm up to people. It’s amazing to see how loving they were even when they’ve been through so much.”

The Lockhart animal shelter takes in many animals per year that it becomes a challenge for them to keep all of them. Luckily, they have a rescue center willing to assist by relocating animals, as well as people willing to adopt and foster.

“I love watching the animals go to a loving home,” said Senior Animal Control Officer Monica Parra. “It’s really awesome and heartwarming.”

If you want to volunteer, call (512) 376-3336 or go to to check out how you can help.