Game of Tiaras at fall festival is a hit


The Bear Stage Theatre company performs their parody of Game of Thrones, Game of Tiaras.

Charlie Seel, Sports editor

The Bear Stage Theatre company, Bastrop High School’s theatre department, held their annual fall show and festival. The theatre department showcased the talents of their students throughout the show and held a fall fest full of games, contests and booths afterwards. This year, theatre performed their parody of “Game of Thrones”, called “Game of Tiaras”, which was about a group of princesses who were fighting each other for the crown.

“The show was interesting, we had a lot of new people,” said sophomore Denali Larson Parachini.

With every new school year comes newcomers to the theatre department. This year there was an amazing turnout of people who came for auditions for this show, compared to the previous musical theatre production. The show gave the new members a chance to show their talents to the community and interact with the regular theatre members.

“The audience was very humorous and they laughed a lot, and we don’t see that sometimes,” said sophomore Lena Patterson.

Theatre’s performance made this event memorable for the audience by making references to the original show, and putting their own take on it by using princesses, which added to the humor of it.

The fall fest, that followed the show, consisted of poke a pumpkin, ghost bowling, face painting and more booths ran by the thespian officers. The winners of each booth received a basket full of prizes. They also held a costume contest, where participants could show up and be voted for their creativity and uniqueness. The festival was held to raise money for their upcoming musical, The Addams Family in January.