New Coaching Staff Brings New Opportunities for Success

Lady Bears Basketball looks forward to new season with entire new coaching staff


The girls’ basketball team circles up after practice with 3 of their 4 new coaches.

Jozlynn Magallanez, Commentary Editor

Bastrop High School has hired many new faces this year to join the staff. This includes girls’ basketball coaches who are setting up for a successful season. All of the girls’ basketball teams have received an entirely new coaching staff that consists of  head coach Megan Norvil, 

Freshman coach Emily Clark, Varsity Assistant coach Teresa Morgan, and JV coach Chelsea Moore.

“I feel like we’re better together with the new coaches. They’re very interactive with us and it just makes the program so much better!” said senior Lauren Odom.

Despite slight hesitancy in the beginning, due to it being her final year getting to experience high school basketball, Odom has found herself more than pleased with the outcome of the recent changes implemented in the basketball program. Many of the players have faith in the fact that the new coaching style will give the team the edge they need this season. The higher standard the girls are being held to is a major factor of motivation to improve, as well as the attention to detail. Practicing small but vital actions prevent making minute mistakes that could have major impacts in a game situation.

I am most excited about having the opportunity to guide, inspire, and empower the athletes to achieve their full potential while being apart of the Bastrop High School basketball program this season and every other season that they remain apart of it,” said math teacher and JV coach Chelsea Moore.

The coaches have seen a lot of growth in the past few months of working with their athletes and plan to see much more in the months to come.

“I feel like these coaches are really going to get us to where we need to be to do great this season,” remarked Odom.

Aside from practice, players rely on trust to grow as athletes. They not only need to be confident in their teammates on the court, but in those who are coaching them and nurturing their athletic capabilities. The bond that is already forming between the team and their new leaders is one that holds promise to those in and connected to the program. The year is young and the games have only just begun, however with something so new, the possibilities for success are endless.