Bear Tracks yearbook staff excelling in 2019 yearbook creation


Yearbook staff member, Don Underwood, marks off completion of yearbook sales.

Charlie Seel, Sports Editor

The Bastrop High School Bear Tracks yearbook staff is doing exceptionally well this year in the creation of the Bastrop High School’s yearbook. With around one-third of the total yearbook sales complete, the yearbook staff has been selling yearbooks at an astounding rate. The Bear Tracks staff began the creation of the yearbook at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, and began advertising the yearbook on their new Instagram and Twitter pages and placing signs around the school.

The theme of the yearbook “FamoUS”, showcases everyone’s talents and what they are known for, which gives students a positive outlook on their high school experience. This theme gives the school a chance to show that everyone is valued for who they are. “Everybody has something that stands out to them that’s positive, everybody is good at something and we just want to highlight that and make sure people feel valued for who they are, even if they’re different,” said Bear Tracks social media editor, Elizabeth Rangel.

Every year the yearbook staff has the task of making sure every student is in the yearbook at-least twice. With around 1500 students in the entire high school, the yearbook staff must be very aware in who they have and who they don’t. Although, this year the staff is expected to take at least 3 pictures every week, this new task helps with quickening the completion of the yearbook and allowing more opportunities for students to be in the yearbook more often. “This year we are required to take pictures every week, so since we are required to take three good pictures I think the pictures are going to be better this year,” said Rangel.

The Bear Tracks yearbook staff has worked very hard to make this yearbook the best it can be so far. To buy a 2018-2019 Bastrop High School yearbook you can visit or bring $60 in cash or check made out to BHS yearbook to room 300/302 to Mrs. Stephenson. “This year we are really focused on getting the yearbook done, and we want to produce the best for our students,” said Rangel.