New football district; New football team


Deanna Gudeczauskas

The varsity football team arrives back on the field after a short halftime against Rudder High School located in Bryan, Texas. The final score was Bastrop 36- Rudder 14.

Nastassia Carter, Reporter

As the team kicks off the ball on the other side of the field, the crowd begins to cheer. The offensive team catches the ball and puts their first offensive play to work. The boys are blocking and helping their teammate run to score a touchdown.

“I feel like the new district will be good,” junior Quarterback Desmond Young said. “We may have some challenges, but we will have some easy wins.”

The boys are looking forward to playoffs this year and are hoping to make it far with all the hard work and dedication they are putting in now. Their mentalities are set and they are very coachable as well as disciplined.

“I want to throw over 1,500 yards, rush for a 1,000 yards, and have the winning record this year,” Young said, and with the help of his team mates, and his parents he believes that it’s possible. Young’s parents have inspired him to play football since he was four years old, and he has fell in love with the sport ever since.

Young is the new quarterback for the BHS football team, meaning he has the most important role on the team. His job is to make sure he gets the ball to his wide receivers so they can run the ball and score the touch down, as well as calling out the plays and correctly handing the ball off to the running back. If he messes up, the whole play is over and the defense has a chance to score.

“It’s a lot of pressure on my part and it’s difficult at times but I can stand the pressure,” Young said.

The practices can be very tough and tiring but it’s helping craft the boys to play their positions quickly and more accurately. The boys practice at 3:30 pm until 6:00 pm every Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, they have a walkthrough with no shoulder pads.

“I want to make sure that my line does their job on the field, and that they know what they are doing,” junior Jude Dennis said.

Blocking on the line is also an important part of football because they have to make sure no one is getting close enough to tackle the quarterback so he can get the plays going. Football involves all players. Everybody has a job and they are supposed to work together for success.

“I love the physicality and the camaraderie, I love having a team on my side,” Dennis said. “There’s no other feeling like it.”

It is also important to have a good relationship with the coaches as well, not just to get play time, but also to understand and learn to make good plays. The boys believe that offensive coach John Bronkhorst is a strong fit for BHS and has a good connection with the boys.

“He’s been a great guy,” Dennis said. “I think he’s really doing some really awesome stuff with our offense.”

Next year, junior varsity will have to prepare to advance to varsity. Dennis believes they will continue to have a good season next year as long as they stay as a team and can be coachable.

“You just have to learn to live with the coaches,” Dennis said. “They want you to get better, so yelling back at them and bickering with them— that’s gonna get you nowhere.”