Warming hearts through warming feet; teacher works with Bombas Socks to provide for students


Helping the community, teacher Emily Clark works with a company, Bombas to provide 250 pairs of socks to BHS’ Christian’s Closet. Bombas is a high quality sock brand that shares the message “bee better”. A bumble bee symbol can be found on each sock to represent the message the company stands behind.

Alex Mitchell, Photo Editor

Emily Clark, a BHS co-teacher, heard about Christian’s Closet’s recent needs for socks and took initiative. Clark got in touch with a fast growing brand called Bombas and worked together to donate 250 socks.  By their work together, Bombas Socks and Clark are able to help many students in need at BHS.

“ I was shopping for a pair of Bombas and I saw on their website ‘How To Get Involved’,” Clark said. “I found a link where it said they could donate to a charity. I remembered when I was looking that Mrs. Hancock always tells me about the desperate need for unused socks for Christian’s Closet. So I just applied and emailed just to see what they’d say, and they emailed me back the next day saying they were going to send 250 pairs. I was truly blown away.”

Bombas heard that socks are the most requested items at homeless shelters, so they created an initiative that would help fix that. Similar to how the famous shoe brand, TOMS, donated a pair of shoes for every pair purchased, Bombas donates a pair of socks for every pair of socks purchased.

“Every pair bought, they give a pair to an organization who helps people in need,” Clark said. “They specifically customize the socks to be comfortable and functional, by putting in comfort padding and making them black to not see dirt.”

Bombas’ mantra, called “Bee Better,” is stitched into the back of every sock. The company said they put it on the socks as a reminder to push yourself to be better. They use this short phrase to inspire and influence many people all over, including at BHS.

“Coach Clark came to me and told me about how she knew we needed socks, so she got into contact with Bombas, and it turned out they were willing to donate to us,” StuCo adviser Megan Hancock said. “We give all credit to her for this amazing donation and we’re super thankful for it.”

Bombas socks can be found online on many websites. Their basic pair of socks are sold individually for $12 and also sold in bulk. By simply buying one pair of socks, you can help out someone in need.

“My brother found them when I was in college and got my whole family wearing them,” Clark said. “The company is really important to me because I think it’s cool that they give back and they took the time to do the research on why socks are so important. It’s really a great company with an even greater cause.”