AP vs. Dual Credit

Cassidy Ray, Sports Editor

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Advanced placement vs. Dual Credit. What’s the difference and which one is better for me?  Many people think Advanced Placement or AP classes and Dual credit classes are just two different classes that get you college credit,but the differences may be surprising. There are many benefits for dual credit classes, for example, by the time you graduate and start college you could theoretically start college as a sophomore. You would have already taken all of the freshman college classes.


When asked her opinion between AP and dual credit, Ms. Hendrix, an English teacher here at Bastrop High School, said, “…the difference is it’s possible to do work and get credit at the end for dual credit without passing just one test that you take at one time and that’s it, but with the AP test you’re getting high school credit along the way, but basically the college credit is dependent upon if you make a certain score on the test or not.”


Allowing students to take both classes is “… a wonderful opportunity for both sets of students…” Hendrix said “… dual credit definitely has its benefits…”. She personally encourages people to take dual credit if it is not a subject that they are terribly strong in.  She expressed to us, “…students can get a glimpse, either one of them, AP or Dual credit, into what a college class is like, but they still have a teacher who understands that they are high school students, and maybe offers them support that they wouldn’t get as a college student.”

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