Basketball Fall League

Kareesa Cavazos, Reporter

Dribbling down the Smithville and Bastrop high school basketball courts, athletes compete trying to be the winning fall league team. Any student, girl or boy can participate and practice improve their skills with drills and healthy competition. Every Monday night, the lady bears travel to Smithville High School to play, while the boys stay local at Bastrop High School.

Fall league helps prepare students for preseason, and allows them to prepare mentally and physically for the season ahead. Fall league also helps teammates come together and build stronger team relationships.

“Fall league prepares you for the season and builds chemistry for the team,” says senior Breanna Lester. “We have to work together and see what we can improve for the season when we play in fall league, it just strengthens the team overall.”

Even if it doesn’t count towards district, the bears fight hard to win against their competitors. Fall league helps the athletes get closer by showing them how they can work better together and allow for a better understanding of position placements and plays.

“Teamwork and communication is a big part of the game,” said sophomore Jaden Albrittion. “Without teamwork and communication there would be no winning or gaining success. Teamwork makes the dream work!”