Musical gets a head start

Scott Stephenson, Reporter

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A line of students wait in anticipation for their name to be called to enter the room where auditions are occurring. They are all there for the same reason; they want to be a part of the fall musical. Only it isn’t fall. It’s May and school will be over in less than a month. This year was Amanda Tapia’s first year at BHS and she will already be directing the musical next fall. She chose the show “Little Shop of Horrors.”

“Little shop of horrors is one of my favorites and I think that it has a lot of really rich characters,” Tapia said. “For me with any type of production I’m looking for big character choices over anything else.”

“Little Shop of Horrors” is a well known classic. It’s even been made into a movie that starred Rick Moranis and Ellen Green. It is a very popular show, and most people know it.

“Little Shop of Horrors is one of my favorites because it breaks all stereotypes of what a musical should be,” junior Erinn St. Clair said. “Not everyone has to be able to sing.”

“Little Shop of Horrors” is known for being unique, it’s wacky characters and flamboyant songs make it something special.

“I love the music,” Tapia said. “I feel that the music is an integral part of carrying the story and it’s not just fluff, which excites me, and I love the show.”

Tapia will also be teaching the musical theatre class next year. This is the second year BHS has had a musical theatre class, and Tapia is enthused about teaching the course.

“I’m really excited. I’m a huge book and theatre nerd,” Tapia said. “I ordered four choreography books last week so I can study over the summer.”

Tapia is prepared for the stress of directing next year’s musical.

“I anticipate there will be moments where I’m freaking out over something,” Tapia said “Overall I’m completely excited. I think it’s going to go really well.”

Since the auditions for the fall musical will be this year, Tapia has more time and options with the musical.

“I really wanna get a head start on the process so that we can get things going,” Tapia said. “My objective is that we have a few meets over the summer and a two week musical theatre camp before school starts.”

Students are thrilled with the early auditions, and happy to get a head start.

“I’m actually really excited about the early auditions this year,” St. Clair said. “I think it will help us be more prepared for next year.”

Everyone who auditions will sing part of “Suddenly Seymour” which has a male and female lead. Tapia will make her decisions based on this.

“I’ll hear you sing and then I may have a few lines of dialogue i’d want males and females to work on,” Tapia said “I want actors as well as singers.”

Tapia is also requiring those auditioning for tech to sing and act. To be considered for a principal role you must be enrolled in the musical theatre class next fall, which is another reason auditions will be this year.

“I’ve talked to Mrs. Schmidts about letting the 8th graders audition,” Tapia said “She’s already let her students know the week that we are going to be doing them.”

Having musical auditions so soon gives people plenty of time to get their schedules arranged.

“The biggest challenge would be if any newcomers to the school district,” Tapia said. “That won’t have the opportunity to audition for a lead per-se.”

Students are excited about “Little Shop of Horrors” and are ready to audition.

“Break all the legs, just have fun,” Tapia said. “Don’t be concerned what you sound like. Be more concerned making big and loud character choices.”

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Musical gets a head start