Seniors say farewell with insightful advice

Mariah Ramon, Commentary Editor

With graduation approaching and the seniors wrapping up their four years of school, there are several tips and words of advice to be passed down to the younger classes. Here are some wise words from the 2017 graduating class.

“Be safe and have fun. Find a good group and make great memories. Oh and take Mrs. Bennett’s classes,” Jordan Martinez said.

“Take ACC classes instead of AP for college credit, and don’t miss a lot of school because it will come back to bite you,” Kaylee Parsons said.

“Don’t change who you are to please others. Just be yourself,” Raven Carter said.

“Don’t procrastinate or it will catch up to you, and know your place. You will be an upper classman eventually,” Marissa Reece said.

“Play a sport or join a club. It will help you stay busy and meet new people,” Reagan Carter said.

“Freshman year counts, so get your grades up and don’t slack off,” Celeste Nevares said.

“High school relationships should not be your priority. Always look out for the number one, you,” Brent Tuttrup said.

“Take AP and ACC when you can. It’s worth it, and it’s actually not hard once you get a routine and get the hang of it,” Austyn Gillespie said.

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” Calvin Henricks said.