Kendra Scott scores with variety, durability.

DeMoNaye Rector, Reporter

Kendra Scott jewelry is popular at BHS and has been for past years. Like many other trends, Kendra Scott has a popular impact on both students and teachers. It’s great for birthday, Christmas, anniversary presents and also a great touch to an outfit. The Kendra Scott department store is in Austin at the Domain. A big plus is that shoppers can get a discount on jewelry in their birthday month.

Assistant principal Missy Schuelke shows off her Kendra Scott earrings. “I like the earrings best,” Schuelke said. “I feel like earrings complete an outfit. You have other options for necklaces, like scarves or high collared shirts. I have over 30 pieces of jewelry from Kendra Scott, and I’ve been shopping there for about three years. I love it.”


Junior Peniah Waites finishes her outfit with a Kendra Scott necklace. “I like the necklaces best,” Waites said. “They’re pretty and more noticeable, and you get to wear them with a lot more stuff than you do earrings. The prices are kind of high, like the earrings are $60 but the quality is great and it lasts long, so why not?”


Junior Brylie Mutschink flaunts her Kendra Scott studs. “I like the necklaces best but the earrings are really cute too,” Mutschink said. “Honestly, I wear the necklaces and earrings every day. I have too many to count. Kendra Scott prices may be high, but they’re the products are durable and they last long.”


Senior Raven Carter models her Kendra Scott “Elisa” necklace. “I like the necklaces better because there is more of a variety of necklaces than there are earrings,” Carter said. “I have six pieces of jewelry from Kendra, and on your birthday you get anything half off. That’s when I go.”