winter fashion

DeMoNaye Rector, Reporter

There are a lot of trends here, from hoodies to ponchos to sports team jerseys. As winter rolls around so do these trends. People start wearing fuzzy socks and sweaters and whatever else they want to keep warm.

“I like winter because it’s a good time over the holidays to be around family and be close with your family and the people that you love,” Coach David Schaefer said.

One of the most practical and wearable winter fashion trends, hoodies,  has that comfort and warmth that everyone loves.

“I’m a big fan of hoodies,” Schafer said. “Especially as a kid I wore hoodies all the time. Also sweat pants and lounging clothes are always comfortable to wear, a preference of mine.”

During winter anyone can almost always put anything together and still look decent.  Whether it’s a pair of boots with a cute blouse or just a t-shirt and leggings.

“My favorite things to wear in winter are Columbia jackets, riding boots, and leggings,” senior Veronica Savage said.

Guy’s winter fashion has changed this year as well.

“You already know you gotta wear the thermal and some basketball shorts, some ripped jeans  and some Timberlands,”  sophomore Eric Michael Blaylock said.

However, winter fashion is not the only thing people are concerned about.  Many are excited for upcoming sports the season will bring.

“Another bonus of winter is basketball season marches around the corner with March madness and college basketball,” Schafer said. “And most importantly baseball season is here.”