Basketball faces tough district


Junior Jamarii Thomas dribbles downcourt, practicing the new plays for a new season.

Nastassia Carter, Reporter

Missing out on the playoffs last year left the boys basketball team devastated, but with all the positive attitude and hard work the boys are putting in before the new season, the boys are expecting a better outcome.

“The district will be tougher than last year but each person in our program has gotten a lot better,” coach Valentino Maxwell said.

The coaches have been trying their hardest to get the boy ready for the season with new work-out drills and challenging them to push themselves harder than they did last year. The boys lift at least two times a week.

“We do a lot of one-on-ones and toughness drills to see how mentally tough the boys are getting, to see if when their bodies get tired who is going to give, or who is going to keep pushing themselves to get better,” Maxwell said.

Junior Jamarii Thomas believes that if they keep working together as a team that they might have a shot at making it to the playoffs this year.

“The workouts are a lot tougher, but they have gotten me better as an athlete,” Thomas said.

One of the drills that the boys do is continuous two-on-three. It’s were three people go down the court, and two people are on defense and then the two go down the other side of the court and play while one is on defense.

“We are hoping to make it to playoffs this year,” junior Jordan Walker said. “No matter what it’s going to take, we will fight for the win.”

Walker believes that that play has improved him as an athlete,

“It pushes you to be able to score,” Walker said. “Then sprint back and play defense against two people, which helps you to get better.”

Basketball takes a lot of effort, and hard work to accomplish a rewarding season.

“My dad was my first coach,” Maxwell said. “I started working hard because of him. I just want to instill those same things into the kids that I’m teaching.”